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Southern Utah Watercolor Society, Cedar City Chapter

Founded in 2000


Amended By-Laws January 20, 2017



In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, the name of this organization shall be “The Southern Utah Watercolor Society, Cedar City Chapter” (SUWS). Headquarters shall be in Iron County, Utah.



The purpose of this organization shall be to educate and encourage interest in water-based media artwork, and to provide activities and programs for artists that promote significant research, information sharing, and exhibition opportunities for the benefit of members, other artists, and the community.



We consider ourselves to be a Water Media Society that promotes water-based media works of art on paper, watercolor canvas,YUPO or other platforms.. This includes watercolors, acrylics, casein, watercolor crayons, gouache, tempera, and other water-based mediums.



A.  Society Members – This membership is open to anyone with interest in art who wishes to join SUWS. 

B   Membership Dues – Annual dues of $25 must be paid by January 31st of each year to become members. If dues are not paid each year, then membership status will be considered inactive, and all inactive members will be removed from the contact list.  Membership is January 1st thru December 31st regardless what month membership is paid.  Participation in any events sponsored by SUWS requires that dues are current.  



Meetings will be held at 5:30pm on the third Monday of each month at the Library in the Park located at 303 N 100 E Street in Cedar City, Utah, unless otherwise specified in the monthly SUWS newsletters. The meetings will include demonstrations, lectures, critiques, and other opportunities for socializing. Meeting details will be provided in the monthly newsletters or Emails sent to SUWS members.





A. President -

1. Shall preside at all meetings of SUWS.

2. Shall appoint the chairmen of committees when necessary.

3. Shall sign written contracts and obligations of the Society.

4. Shall be ex-officio member of all committees.

5. Shall lay-out the year’s activities, to be considered by the SUWS members.


B. Vice President -

1. Shall preside at SUWS meetings when President is unavailable or unable to attend.

2. Shall assume all duties of the presiding officer in the absence of the President.

3. Shall arrange for all advertising and publicity for SUWS meetings and events.

4. Shall reserve a meeting room at Library in the Park and make arrangements to pick up keys when applicable.


C. Secretary –

1. Shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Society.

2. Shall preside at SUWS meetings when President and Vice President are unavailable or unable to attend.

3. Shall assume all duties of the presiding officer in the absence of the President and the Vice President.

4. Shall update and amend by-laws and exhibit requirements as needed and voted upon by officers or members. All substantial amendments will require a unanimous vote of the current Officers, or a two-thirds majority vote by current members in attendance at the associated monthly meeting(s) before they are implemented.

5. Shall prepare, publish, and send monthly newsletters to all members at the beginning of each month.

6. Shall conduct correspondence as required by the Society.


D. Treasurer –

1. Shall receive all monies of the Society and shall deposit them in SUWS’s account.

2. Shall keep records of members, including membership status, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and dues paid.

3. Shall pay, by check, all obligations of the Society.

4. Shall keep accounts of all financial transactions of the Society. The records of the Society shall be available for inspection by the Officers at all times.

5. Shall not be required to furnish a bond.

6. Shall file annual taxes as required.

7. Shall keep the non-profit status and any such legal requirements current.


E. Workshop Chairman –

1. Shall schedule one workshop per year and will be responsible for making arrangements with a teacher, reserving a room, advertising the workshop, and setting up the facilities.

2. Shall collect registration funds, and work with the Treasurer regarding the finances of the Workshop.

3. Shall coordinate with Exhibit Chairman to utilize the professional expertise of the invited workshop instructor for judging show, giving group demonstrations, etc.

4. Shall keep the Officers informed and updated so promotion of the Workshop is well advertised and included in monthly newsletters.

5. Shall appoint other SUWS members to help with workshops as needed.

6. Shall find a replacement if unable to fulfill duties as Workshop Chairman.


F. Exhibit Chairman –

1. Shall be responsible for all aspects of society exhibits, including finding venues and scheduling the exhibits, hanging the art, creating labels for the paintings (or requesting members to provide their own), organizing the opening reception with refreshments, making sure all artwork is picked up after the exhibit is over, and working with the exhibition facility in any other functions necessary.

2. Shall appoint other SUWS members as needed to help with the exhibit and opening reception, and shall delegate duties to the volunteers.

3. Shall sign the contract with the exhibit facility after consulting with the President. The contract should specifying opening/closing dates, location, security, number of paintings permitted, and arrangements for sales.

4. Shall collect all submission forms from participating artists and provide inventory list to the exhibit facility.

5. Shall keep the Officers informed and updated so promotion of the exhibit is well advertised and so information is provided to members in the monthly newsletters.

6. Shall find a replacement if unable to fulfill duties as Exhibit Chairman.


G. Past President –

1. Shall be available to help advise current President as needed.

2. Shall serve as ambassador of SUWS to the community, other art associations, schools, etc. in surrounding areas.




A. Nominees –

a.) In September, every 2 years, nominees will be submitted for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Workshop Chairman, and Exhibit Chairman during the monthly member meeting.

b.) Each nominee shall be contacted and shall have indicated a willingness to serve before having his or her name placed upon the Ballot.


B. Election Procedure –

a.) In the event that we have more than one nominee for each Officer and/or Chairman, the Secretary shall e-mail a copy of the Ballot to each member so that the votes may be cast and returned one week prior to the October meeting. Those few members who have no e-mail address will be mailed a ballot via the US Post Office by the Secretary. The voting results of incoming Officers and Chairmen will be announced at the October regular meeting. The incoming Officers’ and Chairmen’s terms shall begin the following January.


C. Installation of Officers –

a.) The newly elected Officers and Chairmen shall be installed during the January meeting.

b.) Term of Office – the term of office of any elected Officer or Chairman shall be two (2) years.




All questions on interpretation, construction, or application of the By-Laws shall be decided by the Officers. Any decisions by the Officers shall stand until reversed or altered by the current Officers or by a two-thirds vote of all current members in attendance of the associated monthly meeting(s).



These By-Laws may be amended, added to, rescinded, or repealed by a unanimous vote of the current Officers, or by a two-thirds vote of current members in attendance of the associated monthly meeting(s). The proposed amendments will be circulated to current Officers and/or members for review prior to voting.

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